In November 2013,┬áMelissa Pennington’s cat, Harley snuck outside. While Melissa didn’t expect any problems, she started to get worried when Harley never came back especially since he suffered from chronic kidney problems.

Melissa searched for Harley but after six weeks, she figured his kidney problems must have killed him. Then two years later, someone noticed a skinny cat that accepted food from strangers and talked back, which feral cats rarely do. When this concerned person managed to catch this sickly cat and bring it to an animal shelter, they discovered it had a microchip and were able to reunite Harley with Melissa after two years.

So if you think microchips aren’t useful, think of Melissa being reunited with Harley after two years. If you value your cat, be sure to get it microchipped so it can always be part of your life no matter where you might go.

To read more about Harley’s two year absence from home, click here.

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