Washington D.C. can stress many people out, so if you’re the type who needs help calming down after a busy day at work, consider visiting Crumbs & Whiskers, Washington D.C.’s cat cafe. To make the cat cafe even more inviting, Crumbs & Whiskers also offers cat yoga.

As the name suggests, cat yoga involves doing yoga in a room full of cats. The cats typically just stare and watch, but they might wander in to join you as well. The unpredictability is part of the charm.

Fir you like the idea of paying an hourly fee to be with a cat and you happen to be in Washington D.C., visit Crumbs & Whiskers so you can relax around cute cats. It may do you a world of good.

To read more about cat yoga in Crumbs & Whiskers, click here.

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