For more than 15 years, Erik the Red, named after the famed Viking, has been the rodent control officer on the Halifax waterfront. He began his illustrious career back in 1999, when the malnourished stray kitten followed Acadia shipkeeper Stephen Read back to the vessel.

“I was walking through the streets of Halifax one night with a friend, and this cat started following us, street after street after street, and he wouldn’t go away,” said Read on the deck of the Acadia.

“He’s my buddy, and a valued co-worker. I’ve known three of the four rodent control officers who have been on board this ship since 1981, and he’s been the best that I’ve seen. He was the most efficient and the most consistent.”

Despite his efficiency, Erik the Red simply got older and needed to rest. To read more about Erik the Red’s retirement, click here.

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