Paris Hilton tried singing along with Kim Kardashian, so if these no-talent humans can release a single, it only makes sense that Lil Bub can release an album too. While Lil Bub isn’t as famous as Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub is still an Internet sensation for looking like a kitten with a silly face.

Friend of Bub, Andrew W.K. released a statement about the album:

“It may seem impossible that a cat could compose an entire album of carefully crafted instrumental music, but BUB is not simply ‘a cat.’ She came from the deep unknown, on an intergalactic mission to help the people and animals of earth with her magic, talents, and otherworldly wisdom. I can attest to her power—the time I spent with her absolutely made me a better person.

To learn more about Lil Bub’s album, click here.

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