As much as you might love your cat, your cat might love spraying urine all over your house. While this behavior might be fine for the outdoors, it’s definitely not okay when spraying inside a dwelling where the urine’s pungent odor can gas a person to death faster than inhaling mustard gas from World War One.

Getting your cat fixed can help along with reducing stress and providing a more interesting environment for your cat to explore. Also check for health problems in case your cat sprays rather than use its litter box.

Then again, remember cats might just be spraying to mark their territory so you can fight back by either cleaning up the urine as fast as you can find it, or by spraying your house yourself to mark your own territory. At least your cat might understand the smell of your own urine around your house, but you can trust nobody else will want to stay in that house, even your own cat.

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