Cats are rarely used in movies because they’re not as predictable as human actors or even dogs. On most movie sets, they use several cats that look alike. That way if one cat is feeling temperamental, the director can just choose another cat that looks exactly the same.

For cat lovers who appreciate any movie that has a cat in it, watch “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.” Although the cat in the movie has a minor role and only appears in one major scene, the cat (named Cat Stevens) does play a role in its one major scene.

That’s where the father of the hero carries the cat in to tell the hero of some bad news. Like any good cat lover, the father carries the cat around the house and makes the cat part of the family.

Although “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl” has nothing to do with cats, it’s a great movie that both cat lovers and anyone else can enjoy for its quirkiness and unique story telling techniques that just happens to use a cat in one scene.

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