When Joyce and George Placek had to renovate their home after an October flood, they had a moving company remove some furniture. In the process off moving furniture, the movers accidentally packed up Toot, Joyce’s and George’s 6-year-old Siamese mix.

“We couldn’t find him.  Every time we went out, we called his name to see if he would come in,” said Joyce.

Six days passed, and no sign of Toot. Then Joyce got a phone call from the moving company.

“I have a strange question for you. Are you missing a cat?” I said, “Yes we are.” He said, “Well, we found it,” said Joyce. “I almost started crying. I was so ecstatic when they asked me.”

Toot spent nearly six full days trapped in a wooden moving crate without food or water before a mover heard him in the crate. Joyce said she thinks the mover thought it was a possum before opening it to discover Toot.

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