On Thanksgiving, the Bingham family woke up to about a foot of snow while vacationing at a lodge in Garden City, Utah and immediately ran outside to enjoy it, Branden Bingham said.

“My oldest son kind of tripped and fell right next to what he thought was a dead cat, a tiny little white snowball kitten,” Branden Bingham said. “I was totally sure the cat was dead.”

Justin Bingham, who has taken pre-veterinary classes, took it inside of the house in an attempt to show the kids a “miracle.”

“It was a good hour before he showed a visible breath,” Justin Bingham said. “Then finally after rubbing his back and rubbing his belly and under his arms and his head, he twitched his mouth and I saw his tongue move.”

Amazingly, the frozen kitten came back to life and the family adopted it so the story has a happy ending. To read more about the frozen kitten that came back to life, click here.

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