In Groton, Connecticut, the naval submarine base has a problem. Not only do they need to maintain tight security around the base at all times, but they also have a feral cat problem.

Base spokesman Chris Zendan said that feral cats pose a public health threat and a potential risk to the base’s operation.

“Impacts could manifest themselves through equipment or facility damage, work disruption, personnel exposure to disease, and the loss of native wildlife due to feral cat predation,” Zendan said.

To deal with the feral cat problem, the navy base says military and nonmilitary personnel could face punishment for feeding, sheltering, or interacting with the feral cats. Even though the navy base might have a feral cat problem, it probably doesn’t have a rodent problem so they should look on the bright side for a change.

To read more about the feral cat problem at the navy base, click here.

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