When Tilly the cat was just three years old, she wound up at the West Midlands Animal Welfare sanctuary. Twenty-one years later, Tilly is still there, having been passed over by numerous prospective owners looking for a new cat.

Joyce Clarke, owner of the West Midlands Animal Welfare sanctuary, says the now elderly cat has a gentle nature and regularly cares for the centre’s other felines.

Joyce said: “Nobody has wanted to go for Tilly and she is now getting to the point where re-homing her could even be bad for her health.

“Over the years that we have had Tilly at the sanctuary, she has been passed over by more than 30,000 different people looking for a cat – they want a cat that will come over for a cuddle and she didn’t fit the bill.”

Despite so many rejections, Tilly seems content to spend the remaining years of her life at the animal sanctuary, caring for other cats. To read more about Tilly, click here.

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