This is the face of a cat you don’t want to ever see because it’s the expression a cat wears when it’s plotting revenge of the worst kind. This angry cat’s face belongs to Lulu, who got stuck in a washing machine and lived to tell the tale.

The blue persian got locked in the machine after climbing inside while owner Greg Morris’ back was turned. Amazingly Lulu survived the ordeal thanks to a quick-thinking neighbour, a determined vet and the team from the University of Liverpool’s Leahurst veterinary hospital.

Greg, from West Kirby, Wirral , said: “I had been really busy getting ready to go away and had done four or five loads of washing..Then I realised she must be in the washing machine which had been on for 10 to 15 minutes. I switched it off but I wasn’t able to get the door open and I could hear her crying inside.”

Fortunately, Lulu survived the ordeal and at the time of this report, hasn’t retaliated against its owner in a manner that would require first aid of any kind.

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