It’s no secret that the Internet was created and designed solely for the purpose of distributing cat videos to as many people round the world as possible. With cats being such popular topics in YouTube videos, it’s only a matter of time before cats take over Hollywood as well.

This summer, expect a flood of movies taking advantage of the popularity of cats. In “Keanu,” two men join a street gang in an attempt to rescue their pet kitten. In “The Secret Lives of Pets,” a cat named Chloe can’t resist eating all the food in the refrigerator. In “Nine Lives,” Kevin Spacey plays a man who finds himself trapped in a cat’s body.

Cats have taken over the Internet and will soon take over Hollywood as well. When a studio needs to make a movie more appealing, they can forget about adding car crashes, gunfire, or sexy men and women. Instead, they just have to show a cat.

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