Many people either keep their cats inside or let them roam freely outside. The problem with keeping a cat indoors is that it can get bored. The problem with letting a cat outside is that it can get hurt by cars, people, and other animals. So a good compromise is to take your cat outside on a leash.

That’s the rationale for Adventure Cats, a website founded on the belief that cats (who get a seriously bad and inaccurate rep, according to co-founder Laura Moss) can and should enjoy outdoor activities — everything from hiking to climbing to camping.

The key to getting a cat outdoors on a regular basis is to let them adjust to new surroundings gradually. Cats are naturally outdoor creatures so once they learn about the sounds and smells of the outdoors, many cats will eagerly anticipate walks outside under the supervision of their owners. This keeps your cat safe while giving it a taste of the great outdoors.

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