If you have a cat, you may have mistaken it at times for a mop, a toupee, or a giant furry caterpillar sprawled across the floor. For someone in San Mateo, they took one look at a cat and mistakenly thought it was a mountain lion.

Fortunately for San Mateo residents,┬áCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife officers examined the pictures of the “mountain lion” and concluded it was just a domestic cat with an attitude of a mountain lion.

Still, mountain lions have been known to prowl the neighborhood of San Mateo so if you live in that area and see a large cat, play it safe and assume it’s dangerous unless you can determine otherwise. Even if the cat is just a house cat, it could still steal your heart and force you to become its slave for life where you’ll be forced to give it food and clean its litter box for the rest of eternity.

To read more about the cat mistaken for a mountain lion, click here.

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