Larry the cat was the first official mouser for 10 Downing Street.Then Palmerston the cat showed up at the Foreign Office. Larry and Palmerston have been fighting each other that they’re now being kept physically apart lest they hurt one another.

Into this mix came Gladstone, the official mouser for the Treasury. While Gladstone hasn’t yet allied himself with either Larry or Palmerston, a fourth cat will soon arrive at the Cabinet Office. This new cat will be named Cromwell.

So between the Larry vs. Palmerston battles, we now have Gladstone and Cromwell to add to shifting alliances and intrigue. If you thought “Game of Thrones” was fascinating to watch, keep your eyes on these four official mousers as they attempt to consolidate their power and territory against their rivals. Perhaps the adventures of these four cats could become the next hit reality TV show.

To read more about Cromwell, the new mouser for the Cabinet Office, click here.

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