The police have a tough job in any country. On a daily basis, they have to monitor and handle a variety of daily problems in society. Fortunately, sometimes the police have a good day and help others in the process.

One day, Officer Kevin Wheat responded to a call about a cat that had crawled inside of a Dodge Caravan and was stuck between the fender and the engine compartment.

“They don’t train us at the academy in how to get a cat out of an engine compartment,” said Wheat, who had never rescued a cat on the job before.

He used the jack stand and tire iron in the vehicle to remove the tire, and then removed part of the fender with a small screwdriver and a pair of pliers from his patrol motorcycle. An hour later, he rescued a kitten that he nicknamed Axle.

When he took the kitten tot he animal shelter, they asked if he wanted to adopt the cat. After conferring with his wife, the couple decided to keep the kitten. So not only did Officer Wheat rescue a cat, but he also gave it a good home as well.

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