Cat cafes have been sweeping across Asia and spreading to Europe and North America. Yet some North American cities are still without their own permanent cat cafe, such as Cincinnati. That’s what Jenni Barrett and Ken Molnar want to change.

Raising funds through GoFundMe, the couple hopes to open the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe in January. One side will be a traditional cafe serving up a full espresso bar, fair-trade organic coffee and other beverages, baked goods, sandwiches, paninis and soups.

The other side — separated by a windowed wall due to health codes — will be a lounge area featuring comfortable chairs and Wi-Fi with up to a dozen cats freely roaming about, most of which will be adoptable through Butler County’s Animal Friends Humane Shelter.

If you happen to be in the Cincinnati area or just enjoy cats, be sure to help fund this latest cat cafe. To read more about the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe, click here.

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