Cat cafes initially took off in Asia and gradually spread to Europe and finally to North America. Despite the growing popularity of cat cafes in North America, many major cities still lack a cat cafe.

Fortunately, Boston will now get their own cat cafe, opening in the spring. The Purr Café describes itself as “a safe haven for homeless cats until they find their forever home. PURR will be working with local Boston animal shelters to find these cats homes. While the cats are with us, we will strive to offer a safe, healthy, ultimate playground for all our cats. We will also work diligently to provide a great environment for our hooman friends to enjoy the company of our cats.”

If you live in Boston, be sure to visit the Purr Cafe when they open. if your home has room, consider adopting a cat or two as well because nothing goes well every day than a cup of coffee and a cat to jump in your lap and force you to spill a hot, caffeinated beverage all over your clothes right before you have to leave for work that day.

To read more about the Boston cat cafe, click here.