Australia has a problem with invasive species. As a large continent essentially isolated from the rest of the world, Australia is one of the few places that lacks animals commonly found in other places around the world. For example, back in 1857, Europeans introduced rabbits to Australia for hunting. Unfortunately, Australia had no natural predators who could keep the rabbits in check, with he result that rabbits multiplied rapidly and devastated the local environment.

Now feral cats are threatening to do the same thing. Researchers believe Australia has a feral cat density of about one cat per every one and a half square miles. Just as Australia had to resort to unnatural methods to keep the rabbit population down (their rabbit-proof fence), so will Australia have to find a way to adjust to feral cats.

As any cat owner can tell you, cats can cause more problems that they may be worth, but we love them anyway. that either says something about the cuteness of cats or the mental instability of human beings.

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