After fifteen months of wandering around on its own, a Minneapolis cat is safe and warm back in its own home. The story began when Char Gruber spotted a skinny black cat watching cars whiz by along the highway.

The temperature at the time was 2 degrees above zero, and Char called her friend Carolyn Kirstine to catch the cat and get it out of the cold. when the ladies gave the cat to a friend, the friend discovered that the cat had a microchip embedded in him and was named Freddie. Even more amazing was that Freddie had been missing for over a year.

Thanks to the microchip and the kindness of several woman, Freddie is now back home. What Freddie did during that time to survive may never be known, but at least Freddie was lucky enough to find caring people to help him find his way back where he belongs.

To read more about the cat missing for over a year, click here.

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