At Duke University, Peaches is a stray cat that can be spotted around campus. After a recent snowstorm, two students,¬†Anna Matthews and Anna Li, noticed that Peaches might need more care than the passing kindness of a random stranger. That’s why those two students set up a fundraiser.

The goal is to cover her veterinary bills and any potential medications she may need. So far the fundraising page has collected¬†more than $100 of a $300 goal. If the students raise enough money, they’ll likely to care for a second campus stray cat named MammaBean.

As long as students are willing to help cats, you can be certain that the world still has a bright future. Perhaps if the cats get enough money to pay for their veterinarian care, they can use any extra funds to attend classes at Duke University as well.

To read more about the fundraising project to help a stray cat at Duke, click here.

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