When Jessica Brown decided to move herself, all of her possessions, and her two cats to Washington, D.C., she had to get through a security checkpoint at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. A TSA officer told Brown she would have to take the cat out of its carrier so they could inspect it.

Brown requested a locked room to take out her cat named Batman, but the TSA officer insisted she take the cat out right there. That’s when Batman leaped out of her carrier and darted up a wall to hide in the ceiling overhead.

Brown caught another flight but had to leave Batman behind while a wild-life biologist hunted Batman down in the ceiling. Five days later, the biologist caught Batman and sent her to reunite with Brown, although Batman was upset and angry over the whole ordeal.

So the lesson is clear to TSA officers, If someone says their cat may bolt if the carrier is opened, trust them. Cat owners know their cat’s behavior so they know their own cat better than anyone else.

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