78-year-old appellate Judge Richard Posner has long been known for his love of his furry gray Maine coon, Pixie. So how does a judge make a point in a court case that everyone can understand? He used cats as an example.

In a recent case involving someone suing pharmaceutical companies for making eyedrops too large, Judge Posner used an analogy of someone breeding cats and selling them while making no claims as to the cost or necessity of buying food for the cat or providing it with drinking fountains.

This analogy basically said that if someone doesn’t make claims about something, you can’t sue them if you don’t like the result of your purchase. By using cats in his example, Judge Posner made his point clear.

So the next time you’re in a courtroom, try using cats as an analogy. You may not win your case, but at least you’ll bring a smile to every cat lover in the room.

To read more about the cat-loving judge, click here.

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