Many people suffer the loss of a pet, but sometimes it works the other way around where the owner may die while the pet is still alive. If you should unexpectedly pass away before your pet does, who will take care of your pet?

That’s why you may want to plan now for how to care for your pet when you’re gone. One option is to leave written instructions to a relative. Another is to set up a living trust so it’s absolutely clear who should take care of your pet and where that money may come from to support that pet.

You’re never too young to think about caring for your pet in the unlikely event you should pass away before your pet does. if you’re willing to care for a pet when you’re alive, you need to take care of your pet if you’re gone as well.

For cat lovers, that means your cat may get to live a good life, spending all your money like a drunken teenager with no sense of responsibility.

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