Four years ago, someone started spray painting pictures of black and white cats all over buildings in San Pedro. While the artist remains anonymous, he did recently explain why he started drawing black and white cats.

“I just needed a muse, a subject matter,” the artist said of his inspiration. “I was always told to paint what I loved. And I loved my cat.”

With an art degree and a burst of creativity, this artist adopted a 6-month-old black-and-white cat the artist from the Harbor Animal Shelter. “He head-butted me, I took him home and got him a red collar. And that’s the story,” the artist said.

Although the artist remains anonymous, his works will appear in a public exhibit. Perhaps if more graffiti artists drew pictures instead of stylistic names, people would appreciate graffiti more as an art form, especially if graffiti artists drew more pictures of cats.

To read more about the Pedro cat artist, click here.

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