When protecting their house, many people think of getting a dog. However, cats can also be protective of their homes as one burglar found out the hard way in Indianapolis.

Cynthia Kootz owns a cat named Binky. One night she and her boyfriend heard Binky growling. When Cynthia’s boyfriend went outside to investigate, he saw nothing.Ā Suddenly, a man started banging on the window, claiming others were trying to kill him and pleading to be let in. Cynthia refused.

That’s when the man reached through the window and tried to climb into the house. That’s also when Binky, who has no claws, attacked with his teeth. When the burglar tired to reach through the window a second time, Binky attacked once more until the burglar fled.

By this time, Cynthia had called the police and the would-be burglar ran straight into their arms. With the help of Binky and some smart thinking, Cynthia and her boyfriend managed to stay safe from an intruder.

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