Michael King, a hard-drinking homeless man, was guzzling cheap booze one night when he saw “two glowing eyes peer up at him from under a table.” Those pair of eyes turned out to belong to a cat that looked nearly s battered and bruised as Michael himself.

For the next ten months, Michael took the cat with him wherever he went. He even cut back on his drinking drastically so no one could claim he wouldn’t be able to take care of the cat. Unfortunately, Michael soon learned that his cat had a microchip and actually belonged to someone else who was frantically searching for his cat.

Reluctantly, Michael returned the cat back to his original home. Hopefully the cat will forever remain a positive influence on Michael’s life and perhaps motivate him to get his life back on track once more.

To read about the cat that helped a homeless man straighten his life up at least fora  while, click here.

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