One day, Marta Curry found two kittens abandoned by the side of the road. When she stopped to check on them, one kitten ran but the others stayed and let Marta pet him. Marta took the kitten home and named him Stinker because he was so dirty and smelled bad.

For the next ten years, Stinker and his family lived happily in California. Then one day Stinker disappeared and the family searched for him but feared he was gone for good. The family then moved from California to Connecticut but one day, Mike Curry decided to look on the Pasadena Human Society website for a cat and found one that looked like Stinker.

Mike soon booked a flight back to Los Angeles and when he met the cat, it turned out it was Stinker. Now Stinker is back at home with his family in their new home after surviving a year by himself in California.

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