Everyone loves their cats and thinks their cats are the best in the world. Although you may take pride in showing off pictures of your cat, wouldn’t you like more people than just your friends, neighbors, and relatives to know just how awesome and amazing your cat really is? If so, then you might want to put your cat in a cat show.

Taking a cat out in public can be stressful, especially for animals used to the indoors and familiar sights and sounds of home. That’s why if you’re planning to take your cat to a show, you need to prepare your cat ahead of time and pray that your cat actually behaves itself. That might seem impossible but you might as well try anyway because we all need to believe in the impossible once in a while.

At the very least, training a cat for a show will let you know how much patience you really have with your cat.

To read tips on preparing your cat for a show, click here.

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