Tiny Kittens is a shelter that works to re-home cats and kittens. Their most recent rescue involves a cat nicknamed Grandpa Mason. While Grandpa Mason has terminal kidney disease and will live out his days at Tiny Kittens headquarters, Shelly Roche, the founder of Tiny Kittens, discovered Grandpa Mason loves to be surrounded by kittens.

Now Shelly has requested that anyone with a litter of kittens bring them to Tiny Kittens so Grandpa Mason can care for them and be happy being around them.

“One of his favorite litters was six orphaned kittens who were around three-and-a-half weeks old when they were rescued,” said Roche. “They had almost starved to death, and they really missed their mama. Grandpa Mason became their surrogate mama and helped teach them all of the secrets of being a cat they would have missed out on otherwise. Because they were younger, he had almost two months with them, which was ‘purrfect’.”

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