It’s easy to look at people who act, dress, and speak differently and think they have nothing in common with us, but they do. In Dubai, a man named Ahmad al-Qasimi spotted a cat stranded on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, which was a busy highway.

Ahmad took the time to rescue the cat and take it to a vet for a checkup. He wrote on social media, “Last week in Dubai, I rescued this little guy off the highway. Please, if you see an animal stuck on a highway, do what you can to save these poor lives (making sure you’re not putting your life at risk, of course). The least you could do, if you can’t stop, is post about it on the rescue pages in the UAE.”

Remember, people of all types love cats no matter what language they peak or how they dress. Perhaps the love of cats can bring people together in ways that diplomacy can never do.

To read more about the Emirati man who rescued a cat from a highway, click here.

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