In Taiwan, there’s a village that contains over 200 cats, which is double the actual human population. With so many cats, this village has now become a tourist attraction for people wanting to see what a town looks like when overrun by felines.

Houtong had been a thriving coal-mining town, but the population declined rapidly following the mine’s closure in 1990. As the number of humans decreased, the population of stray cats grew, fed by the remaining residents. Now the biggest problem is that tourists drop stray cats off at the village, increasing the number of cats.

Officials are sterilizing as many cats as possible, but feral cats keep increasing the population to the point where you can now get fined for dropping off a stray cat in the village. Hopefully that will encourage more people to keep their cats and take care of them in their own homes instead of letting them fend for themselves in a tourist attraction.

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