Most cat owners treat their pets like royalty, or at least as if the cats are really in charge of the world. Mars Petcare U.S., Inc. conducted a survey and discovered that the average cat owner also has 13 cat-related items. This includes 44 percent who have a framed photo of their cat, 43 percent who own a cat stuffed animal and 38 percent of owners who own a cat calendar.

Forty-seven percent of owners report taking photos of their cats often, and it takes an average of three attempts to get the purr-fect photograph to frame. When they aren’t posing their pets, cat owners spend more than three and a half hours a week talking with their cat and just over nine hours cuddling.

So if your interaction with your cat falls below the average, you’re not keeping your up with cat owners around the world. Spend more time talking with your cat. It may make you look crazy, but the real crazy people are the ones who never discover the joy of owning a cat in the first place.

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