When JT Gregory found an orange kitten in a ditch, he regretted taking it home immediately. The kitten, known as Ditch, drove Gregory absolutely crazy, so he took to Craigslist to try and get rid of him.

In his Craigslist ad, Gregory explained how terrible this ditch kitty was. “I said I should’ve left him in his ditch but I didn’t and now I’m just begging someone to come and get this kitten before he murders me in my sleep because I don’t have any cheese popcorn to give him,” Gregory said.

Only after people responded to his ad and offered to take Ditch off his hands did he realize how much he loved the kitten after all. Now the kitten is helping him with his PTSD and depression from his time in the military.

So the next time your cat drives you crazy, just remember that it’s probably trying to save your life. That means you need to reward your cat now to thank it for its tireless service in keeping you crazy as part of the cat’s therapy to making you well.

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