For many people, they adopt a pet first and then figure out how to pay for its food and medical bills later. However, it’s probably best to first evaluate the cost of owning a pet to make sure you can afford to keep it in the lifestyle it expects.

Before rushing into adopting a pet you can’t afford to keep, take a moment to review the typical costs for a pet that the Seattle Humane Society has put together.

Plan to spend up to $700 a year for food, $50 for leashes and collars, $200 for bedding and furniture, and $150 for toys. Don’t forget around $500 a year for routine exams and medical care too.

While these estimates may be high, they can help you better understand whether you can afford a cat or not. Owning a pet is a big responsibility so make sure you can keep your cat happy and your budget under control too.

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