If you haven’t seen “Captain Marvel” yet, you’re missing the biggest star in Hollywood, which is an orange tabby named Reggie. Reggie and a handful of other cats all play the role of Goose as Captain Marvel’s pet. (If you haven’t seen “Captain Marvel” Yet, you may not want to read on so it doesn’t spill the movie for you.)

In the story, Goose is supposed to be female but is played by Reggie, a male cat. During development of the film, producer Kevin Feige took one look at the characters the script carried over from the comic book and immediately said, “We’re going to need about 200 percent more (Goose) in the story.”

Watch “Captain Marvel” and you’ll see all the amusing ways a cat steals the scene and makes the movie more enjoyable. Even if your’e not a superhero fan, if you’re a cat lover, you’ll at least love the cat’s scenes in the movie.

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