Internet sensation Lil Bub passed away recently. Yet Lil Bub’s owner has found a unique way to continue supporting charitable causes with Lil Bub’s popularity.

Mike Bridavsky, the owner of Lil Bub, hopes to send Bub’s ashes into orbit inside a satellite. Then he hopes to have a live stream from the satellite so grieving fans can observe the cat keeping a watchful eye from outer space. Each time Lil Bub makes a rotation around the planet, people can pledge a donation to benefit animal research and homeless pets.

Although Lil Bub will no longer be around to cheer us up, Lil Bub’s memory can still serve as a positive reminder of what one cat can do to make the world a better place for everyone.

To learn more about Lil Bub’s plan to orbit in space, click here.