The Japanese tend to love cats, but not everyone can afford to care for a real one. That’s why a company in Japan has developed Qoobo, a robotic cat that consists of nothing but a tail, fur, and a motor that mimics the purring of a live cat.

Qoobo proved so popular that the company has now introduced Petit Qoobo, a smaller cushion with a shorter robotic tail that reacts to not only touch but also sound. Now you can easily take your Petit Qoobo everywhere you go and get the comforting feel of petting a cat without the hassle of dealing with a real one.

Obviously real cats can bond with their owners in ways that robotic cats cannot, but if you cannot care for a real cat for any reason, consider a robotic cat. Any cat is better than nothing, so keep telling yourself this while cleaning its litter box every day.

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