Cats are finicky and strong willed creatures. That’s why you should respect your feline companion by giving it everything it wants while you go wanting because that’s what being a cat owner is all about.

While owning a cat, avoid the following four actions: yelling at your cat, not feeding them enough, forcing physical contact on them, or leaving them alone too long.

Cats don’t understand yelling so doing so will only frighten them. Trying to force physical contact can also be traumatic to a cat that only wants to be left alone. Since cats enjoy snacking, you want to make sure they have food constantly. Finally, cats are social creatures so you can’t just leave them lone for extended periods of time.

By heeding these warnings, you can make sure your cat is happy in its home. After all, making sure your cat is happy is the only priority because the cat won’t care if you’re happy or not.

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