Everyone knows cats are frightening creatures, especially when they want to go out or eat in the middle of the night when they start howling and scratching to get what they want. However in Celtic mythology, the cat sith is a mythical creature that haunts the Scottish Highlands.

In the British folk tale “The King of the Cats“, a man comes home to tell his wife and cat, Old Tom, that he saw nine black cats with white spots on their chests carrying a coffin with a crown on it, and one of the cats tells the man to “Tell Tom Tildrum that Tim Toldrum is dead.” The cat then exclaims, “What?! Old Tim dead! Then I’m the King o’ the Cats!” Old Tom then climbs up the chimney and is never seen again.

Hopefully your cat won’t start talking to you but if it does, then you’ll know you’re either hallucinating hard or that your cat really has developed the power of speech.

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