The above picture may look like a giant cat has decided to nap on some railroad tracks, or it might look like someone just Photoshopped a cat on to some train tracks. The truth is that the cat is normal size and the train diorama is a miniature set.

The dioramas are in a Japanese udon restaurant where customers can enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by model train set dioramas.The dioramas display such impressive attention to detail that if you position your camera at the right angles, they could easily be mistaken for real-life train stations. And if udon and train sets aren’t enough to pique your interest, the dioramas have the added feature of being covered with kittens.

The next time you’re in Japan and want to enjoy a Japanese meal and some cats, be sure to look for this udon restaurant and take your own pictures that look like giant cats sleeping on train tracks.

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