Carrie Stephens Clark owns a cat named Galena that she had since Galena had been a kitten. One day Carrie decided to return an Amazon package and mailed it from her home in Central Utah. As soon as she mailed the package, she suddenly couldn’t find her cat.

Then in California, Brandy Hunter, who works at an Amazon return center, noticed Galena in the box. A quick trip to the veterinarian showed that Galena was dehydrated and lost weight, but was otherwise in good shape. Because Galena had a microchip, the vet called Carrie to let her know her cat was 1,400 miles away.

Carrie and her husband drove out to California to retrieve Galena and bring the cat home. So the lessons is clear. If you have a cat, make sure it doesn’t climb into a box you’re planning to mail any time soon. And make sure you microchip your cat so if it does get lost, you can find it again.

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