In Whitestown, New York, a disturbing incident has occurred. Police found a teenager in a rest room who had taped the paws of a kitten together while possessing a lighter. In a separate incident, police also found another kitten with its paws taped together and its paws burnt. There’s no proof that the same suspect is responsible for this second incident.

When people ask why you might be so crazy about cats, you can tell them that cats hurt no one and that it’s a well known fact that people who are cruel to animals are more likely to be cruel to other people as well. By preventing animal cruelty, we can help prevent human cruelty too.

If you hear of news in your town of any type of animal cruelty, do your best to publicize the incident and get the perpetrator punished to the fullest extent of the law. Nobody can tolerate animal cruelty, so protect animals in your area today.

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