In Seoul, South Korea, a man brought a cat to the police station that he had found in a dumpster. If the cat wasn’t claimed by an owner, the cat would have been euthanized. That’s when the Korean police officers decided to adopt the cat for the station.

After discovering that the cat, named Mango, needed an operation, the police officers raised funds among themselves and the public to pay for the procedure. The veterinarian took the operation at a reduced fee and now Mango happily wanders in and out of the police station along with another stray that the police have adopted called Mango Kobun.

The next time you’re in Seoul, South Korea and need the help of the police, you might get a chance to meet Mango and Mango Kobun helping the police out by playing with them as they come in and out of the station. If cats can improve the health of their owners, then these South Korean police officers should be calm and healthy enough to do their job efficiently.

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