In case you live in Los Angeles, there’s actually a law that says you can only have a maximum of three cats in your house.┬áCity Councilman Paul Koretz wants to raise the limit to five because he says about half of the cats that come to the city’s shelters are euthanized, so raising the limit would increase adoptions and cut costs.

“The most likely population to adopt more cats are ones that already have them and know the joy of cat ownership. So the people who already have three cats, increasing it to five gives us the chance to adopt many more,” said Koretz.

If the thought that the city could legally limit the number of cats you own sounds like government intruding in your life, then perhaps people can start getting riled up over the current three-cat limit instead of something less interesting like gun control. After all, owning cats is a right that you should never lose, so don’t let anyone pry your kitties out of your hands without a fight.

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