After a stray cat wandered on to his property, a Fort Wayne man named Larry Darnell Knox kicked it in the head several times. Then he compounded his blunder by calling for animal control officers to remove the cat. When animal control officers arrived, they noticed the cat was acting strangely and asked what happened. That’s when Knox laughed and told them he kicked the cat in the head. A veterinarian later confirmed that the injuries sustained by the cat likely came from multiple kicks to the head.

Fortunately, justice was served in more ways than one. Not only did Allen Superior Judge Wendy Davis sentence Knox to a year in prison for cruelty to an animal; torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal, she also discovered that Knox had neglected to serve an earlier four-year prison sentence. Just for kicking a cat, Knox wound up receiving a total of five years in prison.

No word on the condition of the poor cat, but at least the cruel man got a prison sentence. Hopefully when he’s in prison, he’ll learn what it’s like to get kicked in the head if inmates treat him the same way he treated that innocent cat.

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