Watch the news and you’ll likely get a skewered view of everything. Unless you take time to actively search out alternate information that could provide another point of view, you’ll risk being influenced by the news into shaping your thoughts and opinions in a specific direction.

The news makes people think South Korea is under threat of attack any moment from the unstable dictatorship of North Korea. However, someone actually living in South Korea has posted information showing that life in South Korea is as normal as always. As part of the mocking of the news, this person also posted doctored up images of North Korean military cats preparing to attack, which is probably as likely as North Korean troops deciding to attack.

Remember, the news profits through advertising, and the more people they get, the more money they can charge their advertisers. So it’s always in the best interests of the news media to sensationalize everything, so don’t believe everything you read, see, or hear from the news. If you start getting anxiety attacks, just keep calm and stroke a cat.

See more cat pictures of North Korean military aggression here.

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