Professor Daniel Mills of the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom, a recognized “specialist in clinical animal behavior,” conducted tests to determine how much your cat may love you.

The basic test has worked with both children and dogs. A stranger and a parent sit in a room. Then the parent’s baby is introduced and the baby inevitably heads towards the parent as a sign of attachment and comfort.

Repeating the same experiment with a stranger and a dog’s owner reached the same conclusion. Given the choice between heading towards the stranger or heading towards the owner, the dog headed towards the owner as a sign of attachment and comfort.

When the experiment was conducted with a cat, the cat simply ignored its owner and went straight to the stranger instead. This experiment indicates that cats don’t feel emotionally bonded to their owners in the same way that dogs and children feel. Of course if anyone has ever been around a cat for more than two seconds, they could have spared this researcher hours of experimentation to reach the exact same conclusion.

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