In July of 2012, Cissy, her husband Ken and their pets went camping at Silver Creek Falls near Silverton, Oregon. The Myers family said they always took their two cats and their dog camping because otherwise the animals get separation anxiety and stop eating.

Unfortunately when it was time to go home, their cat, Mazy May, had disappeared. Myers posted fliers with the cat’s picture and spent a month looking with no luck. Then Silver Creek Falls Park Ranger Martha Duckworth noticed a cat she’d never seen before and caught it.

“I pulled out the old log that we have and found Cissy’s name and called her. Sure enough, it was her cat,” said Duckworth.

The park ranger who found the cat said it’s amazing she wasn’t eaten by a bobcat or a bear and that she survived an entire winter. Mazy May is now back at home, just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“It was just the best Thanksgiving,” said Myers.

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