If you thought you loved your cats and would do anything for them, you haven’t met Mamoru Demizu, a Japanese man who adopted 120 cats. Of course, feeding that many cats can get expensive, especially when they demand gourmet diets. That’s why Mamoru went on a $185,000 burglary spree┬áto finance a gourmet diet of mackerel and chicken for 120 stray cats.

Despite losing his job in 2011, Mamoru continued feeding his cats their daily $244 diet.┬áDemizu, 48, reportedly told Izumi police that “he felt happiest when rubbing his cheek against his cats.” He said he’s been keeping cats since 1993 and eventually began feeding strays.

The next time someone thinks you’re too crazy about your cats, let them read about Mamoru Demizu.

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